Presbytery News

Catawba Presbytery Highlights

From the meeting of Catawba Presbytery at the Centennial Church, Columbia, SC on March 13, 2012:

  •  Heard a message from Andrew K. Putnam, Moderator of Synod and member of Catawba Presbytery.
  • Approved a new mission work in Rock Hill, SC to begin on April 1, 2012 and to be called Hill City Church, Associate Reformed Presbyterian.
  • Approved a call for Andrew R. Stager to be developer for the Hill City Mission to begin April 1, 2012.
  • Approved Ruling Elders Alan Broyles from the Tirzah Church and Cole McKinney from First Rock Hill to serve as Provisional Session members for Hill City Mission.
  • Approved a call from the Board of World Witness for George Paul Robelot to be a Cooperative Missionary for World Witness as a Church Planter and Member Care Coordinator to the Evangelical Alliance Mission in Europe beginning June 7, 2012. Paul will be ordained at a Called Meeting of Presbytery at a time to be set.
  • Received four candidates under care of Presbytery:
    • Soren L. Kornegay, a member at First Columbia and a student at Covenant Seminary who expects to graduate in 2013.
    • James P. Eish, a member at First Columbia and a graduate of Columbia International Seminary.
    • Brooks D. Willet, a member at First Columbia and a student at Erskine Seminary who expects to graduate in 2013.
    • Thomas L. Wilson, Jr., a member at First Lancaster and a Junior at RTS-Charlotte.
  •  Elected J. Barry Dagenhart to serve as Vice Moderator/Moderator-elect.  Barry will begin his term as Moderator on July 1, 2013.  Michael Evans will serve as Moderator beginning July 1, 2012.

Guy H. Smith, D.D.
Stated Clerk/Administrator
Catawba Presbytery

Second Presbytery Highlights

From the meeting of Second Presbytery at the meeting at Due West ARP Church on March 13, 2012:

  • Heard student sermons from Asaph Din and Chris McCoy.
  • Mark Hornby became moderator.
  • Thanked outgoing Moderator John Calvin Grier for his service.
  • Adopted the recommendations from Candidates and Credentials about new procedures for Mentors and Students of Theology.
  • Heard the report from the Commission dealing with the Devenger Road Church.
  • Accepted honorable retirement for Stuart Latimer.
  • Approved the terms of the call for John Cook to become the senior pastor at Peachtree Corners Church.
  • Adopted the recommendations from the special committee dealing with Church Extension that will include such things as:
    • Time spent in prayer and training for church extension before each stated meeting.
    • Annually have a night of training prior to a stated meeting.
    • Provide supplemental training for congregations in clusters.
    • Encourage church planters to share in local churches about their work.
  • Voted that the complaint filed by members of the Presbytery against the actions of the Greenville ARP Session was not properly before the court, therefore the complaint was dropped.

Calvin Draffin
Stated Clerk
Second Presbytery