Renee Crump

Please be in prayer for Renee Crump, wife of Rev. Joseph Crump, pastor of Effingham ARP Church. Renee will have an ablation this morning followed by an implant of a Pacemaker/ Defibrillator tomorrow. The Pacemaker will have an extra wire in her heart to help with correcting the Left Bundle Branch Block. The doctors hope to correct as much as possible in one fell swoop. She will be hospitalized for a few days.
The expectation of these procedures is that it will help to get her heart working to a 25 to 30 percent level. She is currently at 13 percent, whereas most people are at 50-70. There are cases of “Super Responders,” after these procedures who return to a normal pace; we pray to be one of the “Super Responders.” We will know in due time and in patience, trusting the Lord for his provision. This will take several months to see the fullness of the results.

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