Special Committee on Net Assets Reallocation

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

Harry Jeffcoat, Chairman I 1333 Main St. Ste. 200, Columbia, SC 29201 I 803.413.3640 I hjeffsc@aol.com
Rex L. Casterline, Secretary/Clerk I PO Box 123, Columbia, SC 29202 I 803.881.6900 I rex@blaircato.com

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church is a connectional denomination. We come to you now to appeal for your assistance in meeting a corporate need. The ARP Retirement Plan has been a blessing to ministers in our denomination. At the 2021 Synod, the defined benefits plan was frozen and we moved our retirement plan to a defined contribution plan. This change will give individual ministers the ability to invest their monies in different options. However, we still have retired ministers and their spouses who are drawing a benefit from the old plan. The Synod needs to fund the old plan to provide for these retired pastors.

The Lord has blessed us over the last year. Based upon the actuarial assumptions and market, we need an estimated $8.5 Million to fully fund the retirement plan deficit and the plan transition. As of today, $7 Million has been identified or has already been given by ARPC boards and agencies, several presbyteries, and individuals. This leaves a need of approximately $1.5 Million, which the 2021 General Synod charged this Committee to raise by an appeal directly to ARPC congregations.

The Lord has already provided so much of what is needed. We now turn to you, the churches, and individual members of the ARPC, and ask that you support those who have faithfully served the Lord over many years. Please make your gifts payable to “ARPC General Synod” with a notation of “Retirement Plan” and mail it to the address above. If you have any questions or need assistance from the Committee as you communicate this need with your Session or congregation members, please let us know by contacting Rex Casterline or me.

We are trusting in God to meet this need through you, His people.

Harry Jeffcoat, Chairman


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