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Reminder: Call for Prayer May 6

By: Rev. Rob Patrick, Moderator Elect

In preparation for the 219th Stated Meeting of the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, I am urging that a day of prayer and fasting for this meeting be observed by ARPs on Saturday, May 6th. This date is exactly one month prior to the convening of Synod. It is further requested that prayer be made for this Synod meeting in the worship services of our churches the following day, and in all subsequent Lord’s Day services leading up to Synod. Additionally, those who are able are encouraged to gather with others for prayer on other days and at other times.

Presbyters ought always look to the Lord with earnest diligence as we prepare to take up His work in the courts of the church. Our great aim in meeting is to seek His face, and to be led by His Spirit, so that through our deliberations, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is honored in the conduct and accomplishment of our business. We have particular challenges this year, as significant matters of unfinished business will come before the court. Additionally, there are judicial matters that must be addressed. We have a very full agenda for our meeting. Hence the call to join fasting to our prayer, as we humble ourselves to seek the Lord’s help in our work!

Please pray for Moderator McKay and the officers of Synod. These men have labored tirelessly throughout the year along with many others in addressing new and continuing matters that will be presented in our meeting. Our Moderator will have quite a bit of work to do before passing the gavel to me in our meeting.

Please pray for those who will preach during Synod. Our times of singing, praying, and hearing God’s Word together are precious times as we meet for the work of the church. As worship is our primary duty, it is not exaggeration to say that these times are the most important times of our meeting together. May the Lord bless us by His Word!

Please pray for Synod’s agencies, boards, and committees, and those employed in their work. We are blessed with faithful, competent servants of Jesus Christ in positions that are important in the function of these various ministries of our Synod. But their great need, as for all of us, is the Lord’s help in all which they do. None of us is competent in our service to Christ and His church in our natural gifts and abilities. We all require the Lord’s help, granted by the gifting and power of the Holy Spirit. We must pray for each other!

Please pray for our congregations and presbyteries. Some are thriving, while others are struggling. But we are all bound together in the purpose of God. Let us pray for the Lord to strengthen His church!

Please pray for World Focus and the work of our church planters and missionaries! Following Synod, we have the rich privilege of meeting with and hearing from our missions, church planters, and missionaries. Pray for their work; pray that they would be greatly encouraged through World Focus; and pray that the churches of our Synod would be better equipped to encourage and support the work of ONA and World Witness as a result of World Focus this year.

I have no desire to offer direction as to how anyone might approach this requested day of fasting and prayer. Fasting is a private matter and may include a whole day, part of the day, or even just a meal. Some may wish to devote time typically given to the preparation and consumption of a meal to prayer on that day. Others may have occasion to gather with others for prayer. It matters not to me how the day is observed, just that we commit together to pray. And, I repeat the appeal to our Ministers and Elders to see that prayer for our upcoming meeting is made in worship services throughout the month leading up to Synod, and that those who are able to gather with others for prayer at other times of convenience do so.

We have much work to do this summer. But we serve a great God who hears the prayers of His people and who is at work in His church, bringing glory to Christ. Will you commit to particular prayer to this end on Saturday, May 6th?

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