Testimony Tuesday

Why Erskine College?

Paul Lawing, 2021 Erskine graduate, shares why he chose Erskine and what he is doing now.

When I first came to Erskine’s campus in 2017, I noticed something different from any other college campus I had visited. It felt like the small, tight-knit high school where I was at the time. I had looked at a couple of other schools but Erskine felt like home, and once I arrived for freshmen orientation I was not mistaken. At the other larger schools I had looked at, I felt like I was just a number, whereas at Erskine it felt like everyone I interacted with knew me. From the faculty to the maintenance department, the community at Erskine is something I will cherish. During my time there, I made some of the best memories and closest friends I could have imagined. The student body was made up of a diverse group from all over the world, but they all make up the Erskine I love and remember. I can recall at the beginning of a break taking two friends to the airport. One was from Argentina and the other was from Spain which made for quite an interesting car ride. One of the people I met my freshmen year was Ramsey Conner. Little did I know then that I would have the privilege of marrying her four years later. This past summer, Ramsey and I got married and moved to Davidson, NC. She teaches first grade and I am attending seminary and work part-time as a pastoral intern at Huntersville ARP where we recently became members. Once I complete seminary, I plan to go into full-time pulpit ministry.

Paul Lawing is a lifelong ARP and is the son of Rev. Morrie Lawing, pastor of Christ ARP Church in Denver, NC.

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