The Lion’s Den

By: Rev. Rhett Carson

As I preached on Daniel 6 just a few weeks ago, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, I realized that many of us may be more sympathetic to Daniel’s plight after the past two months. Many of us may feel like we are in a lion’s den right now. We feel as if we’ve been imprisoned like Daniel was, just in our houses—not in a lion’s den. We see danger all around us that could take our life at any given moment, except instead of lions we see a deadly virus. We long for the day that we too, like Daniel, can come out of the Lion’s Den.

I don’t know when the coronavirus will be over, but I am certain of a few things that we also learn from Daniel and the Lion’s Den.

God will be with us in the midst of our difficulties. No matter what problem we face lions, virus, economic hardship, wicked people- God never leaves or forsakes His people. (Matthew 28:18)

God has the power to save us. As God used his angel to keep the lion’s mouths shut, God can also keep any virus, economic hardship, or wicked person from harming us if He so wills it. (Romans 8:31)

God will one day deliver us from the lion’s den. Yes God will one day end the coronavirus for this too shall pass, but even more so God will deliver us from every evil thing we face in this world as a result of the Fall. God is going to make all things new and bring us into a new kingdom where the things of this world have faded away. (Revelation 21:4)

So brothers and sisters take your eyes off the lions and put your focus on the one who is with you, the one who has the power to protect you, and the one who will one day deliver you. Place your eyes on God and on His son Jesus Christ as we go through these days.

I also want to remind you that you are not alone, first and foremost because God is with you, but also because His people, the church is with you as well. If you need help, comfort, prayer, or encouragement please contact your church, me, a church officer, or another member.

God loves you and so do we!





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  1. Great reminder and application, Rhett. I appreciated this little devotional this morning.
    God be with you today and this week.

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