Thinking of Reopening for Worship?

Churches are making plans now to meet in person again. Some have already met for a couple weeks and some are meeting outside in the parking lot. While live-streaming measures will still take place especially for those at higher risks, churches are working to gather again. After talking with a number of pastors, here are some of the steps they are taking to ensure safe social distancing.

    • There will be just Worship. No fellowship time or Sunday School.
    • Check DHEC and CDC for updates daily.
    • Mark every other pew for social distancing.
    • Members can wear masks if they feel more comfortable.
    • Limit the entrances used. Doors will be propped before and after services. ( One door for entrance and another for exit.)
    • Bulletins will be set out, not handed out, or they may be on the screen only.
    • Hand Sanitizer will be available.
    • Members are encouraged to use the restroom before.
    • Offering plates will be at the back for drop off.
    • A cleaning and sanitizing company will come each week.

These are only suggestions to get things moving. I pray for you as you make the decisions for your church. Please share any ideas or suggestions that you find helpful. (

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