Update from Rev. David Smith

This is an update from Rev. David Smith following a car wreck involving his wife and daughter:

“Katherine and Tracy continue to make progress, both physically and psychologically. Each are dealing with their particular physical injuries well, and while neither has great interest in being on the interstate, they have not avoided traveling either.

Katherine is able to take soft food now, but will continue to have her jaw wired for about another 5 weeks. Her left shoulder and both knees are still tender and will require physical therapy, but there has been good progress with both so we are hopeful for a full recovery. Katherine was working part-time prior to the accident, but she has not been cleared to go back. Tracy is also getting physical therapy for her back. She has been able to return to work, so we are quite grateful for that. Ongoing prayers for their physical therapy, continued healing, and especially, Katherine’s patience and contentment during this process are greatly appreciated. Prayers for our administrating all the various insurance-related matters are also appreciated.

We are also very grateful for the response of our presbytery to our immediate financial needs. What a blessing God’s people have been to us.”

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