Update on Ballston Center ARP Church

Here is the most recent and accurate information concerning our church fire (Ballston Center ARP Church, Ballston Spa, NY).

At approximately 6:30pm, EDT on Sept 11, 2013, severe thunderstorms passed through our area, causing a lightening strike on our church bell tower. Local volunteer fire fighters were on the scene immediately, and after several hours, they had the fire under control.

At this point we are still assessing the impact but it appears that damage was limited to the tower area and below and that no other part of the church’s structure was damaged. We intend, Lord willing, to proceed with our Lord’s Day services this Sunday.

Our congregation are very grateful for the prayers of our brothers and sisters across the Synod. Here is a link to our church Facebook page where you can view video and photo images:

Ballston Center Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church


Sincerely in Christ,

Rev Charles H Roberts,  Pastor

Ballston Center ARP Church

Ballston Spa, NY