Village Presbyterian Church Organizes

Village Presbyterian in Greenville, SC became an organized church of Second Presbytery on Sunday, April 24. The idea of Village Presbyterian started in 2012 with Reverend Jay Crout. Crout spent time in prayer about the possibility of a church and in 2015 started the exploratory work. In 2017, Village Presbyterian gained Mission status and had its first service in September of that year at an orthodontist’s office. In 2019, the mission church moved to a new facility and continues to use a local school gym. The mission statement for Village Presbyterian is based on Acts 9:31, “Walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, it multiplied.”

Let us pray for the continued work of Village Presbyterian as they transition from a mission church to an organized church. Pray for the two installed elders and for Reverend Jay Crout as they lead the church.

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