Women’s Ministries Certificate Awards

ARP Women’s Ministries has available Certificate Awards. These awards are a way for you to honor those in your churches and presbyteries who serve or have served in the work of your Women’s Ministries or church and at the same time supporting ARP Women’s Ministries.

There are 4 different awards available:

  1. Love Gifts – Certificate for presentation to someone you would like to honor in a special way. Perhaps a Sunday School teacher or nursery worker. Anyone who faithfully serves in the work of the church. The cost is $30.00
  2. Memorials – Certificate for presentation to the family or other loved ones of someone in your congregation who has recently passed away. The cost is $30.00
  3. Life Memberships – Certificate and pin for presentation. This Certificate is typically given to those women who are the Woman of the Year or who has served above and beyond and your local organization wishes to honor her.  The cost is $75.00
  4. Partner in Ministry – Certificate and pin for presentation. This award is typically given to someone (male or female) who has faithfully supported Women’s Ministries.  The cost is $100.00.

These certificates are all suitable for framing.  The submission form can be obtained by contacting Libby Elder, Treasurer.

The recipients of the awards in 2020 are listed below.

Certificates & Pins
Presbyterial Church Recipient
Partner in Ministry
TN/AL Fayetteville Rev. Philip & Courtney Bunch
Virginia Edgemont ARP June Walton
Second Second Presbytery ARPWM Jana Evans
First Pisgah ARP Myra Carson
First Pisgah ARP Rebecca Howe
Life Membership
Catawba Rowan Tammie Smith
First Pisgah ARP Mary Jane Easler
First Pisgah ARP Debbie McCray
Catawba EbenezerARP Mrs. Marilyn Roche
Second Ora ARP Mrs. Pam Roper
Second Greenville ARP Carole Ellis
Second Greenville ARP Ann Huckabee
Catawba Clover ARP Maranatha Nivens
Catawba Clover ARP Kay Nivens
Love Gifts
Catawba Centennial ARP Mrs. Suzanne Kennedy
Catawba Centennial ARP Delaine Bradley
FL First Presbyterian – Avon Park Margaret Desness
Catawba Unity ARP (Lancaster, SC) Helen McCain
Catawba Unity ARP (Lancaster, SC) Joan Barrett
Catawba Unity ARP (Lancaster, SC) Angie Matthews
Catawba Unity ARP (Lancaster, SC) Bailey Baxley
First Pisgah ARP Peggy Jenkins
First Pisgah ARP Bobby Duran
Catawba Clover ARP Carolyn Bell
Catawba Clover ARP Anita Harvey
First Gilead ARP Mary Houser
Catawba Unity ARP(Lancaster,SC) Stewart Hallman
Catawba Unity ARP(Lancaster,SC) Dorothy Huey
Catawba Unity ARP(Lancaster,SC) Mike Barrett
Catawba Unity ARP(Lancaster,SC) Bernice Faulkenberry
First Pisgah ARP Bobby Falls
Catawba Edgemoor ARP Janice Faye Bauer Cok
Catawba Edgemoor ARP Florence Mitchell Pearson Faulk Culp
Catawba Edgemoor ARP Faye McManus Hicklin
Catawba Edgemoor ARP Iris Elizabeth Covington Coleman
Catawba Edgemoor ARP Katherine Jane Westerlund Oneppo
Second Ora ARP Mrs. Debbie Cothrane
Second Peachtree Corners Wilma Abernathy
Second Peachtree Corners Jean Cox
Second Peachtree Corners Sara Kinnard
Second Peachtree Corners Sandra Kinnard
Second Peachtree Corners Martha Johnson
Second Peachtree Corners Barbara Wigton
Second Peachtree Corners Linda Vick
Second Peachtree Corners Ruth Wilson
Second Peachtree Corners Ethel Sauls
Second Peachtree Corners Mary Jean Reid
Catawba Clover ARP Martha Rhyne
First New Sterling Pauline R. Charles
First New Sterling Olean Deal
First New Sterling Aarene D. Reese
First New Sterling Muriel Jenkins
Catawba Shiloh Sarah Frances Slough
Catawba Shiloh Marie Montgomery
First Gilead ARP Miss Betty Sherrill

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