Worship Wednesday

Dear Bonclarken Music Conference Family,

Please take a few moments to watch this video before you read on:


These past few months have been unbelievable and absolutely unpredictable.  We so appreciate the prayers of so many of you over the past few weeks as we have continued planning for our conference and made many decisions.

As you have seen in the video from Lynn and myself, it is with a heavy heart that we have had to decide to not have our conference in person, on campus this summer!  This absolutely has been a gut-wrenching decision for us.  I know how much all of us love this week of our lives.  So many of us have been coming to this conference for so many years.  This year is our 59th conference and personally my 49th conference since I started coming in the summer after my 7th grade year.

While we are sad that we cannot be on campus, we are EXCITED to provide you with a VIRTUAL – 2020 Bonclarken Music Conference.

Our slate of clinicians for 2020 are so gracious as to agree to provide several workshops during the afternoons of July 13 – 17, 2020.   Clint Davis, our pastor, will be bringing a morning devotion each morning, starting Monday, July 13 – Friday, July 17.  Sarah Dagenhart plans to bring a few devotions for the “Children’s Church aged” children. Kristen Wunderlich will offer private voice classes as well.  At night, we plan to offer “Nibble Nook time” (bring your own snacks), with singing with David Hooks.

We will be putting together an entire schedule booklet, and will send you a PDF file of this book for you to know how to access these sessions.

I know you may have a ton of questions, so here are a few points that may help you to have answers to some of those questions:

  • There is NO COST for this Virtual Music Conference.
  • Our clinicians – for this summer of 2020 have agreed to be our clinicians for the summer of 2022!!  We are excited!
  • The slate of clinicians that we have secured for our 60th Anniversary during next summer, 2021 will remain as planned, as it took LOTS of work to put this group together.  (This group will be announced on Friday, July 17th at the end of our week with a special 60th Anniversary Video.
  • You will see in this email, a link to a 2020 Bonclarken Music Conference GOOGLE REGISTRATION FORM! Church directors and contact folks, please fill this form out for yourselves so that you will receive information to pass on to your folks  We will use THIS EMAIL LIST FROM THE GOOGLE FORM to send out our ZOOM Invitations and links to all LIVE and recorded sessions (This is for Church Contact Folks and ADULT CHOIR AND ADULT CHOIR DIRECTORS!  (Contact people will forward all information to Children’s parents, Middle School and High School Youth. 
  • ONLY CONTACT FOLKS AND ADULTS WHO WOULD REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE should fill out this form to register for our conference through the Google Registration Form by June 20, 2020, so that we can get our email lists together and then we can communicate with everyone who is registered to send our PDF of the Conference Booklet, links and all other information.  Please feel free to share this information and the Google Form Link with any other interested church musicians, whether they have come to our conference before or not.  We would love to have them join us this year (and maybe next year in person!)
  • Children, Middle School and High School SHOULD NOT fill out the google form.  Contact people for each church should create your own list of folks in your church that will want to participate in Children’s Church and Nibble Nook at night.  CONTACT PEOPLE and ADULTS – will receive the Zoom invites for each session, each day and will then forward the Zoom invites to the parents of children and to MS and HS Youth.
  • If you have already paid your registration for this summer, YOU WILL RECEIVE A FULL REFUND and this will automatically be sent BACK to the person who mailed it in and the check will be made payable to the person who wrote the check! (So, if an individual wrote a check, it will come back to you and if a church wrote a check, it will come back to the contact person who sent the check to Norma Jean Huffstetler)
  • If Norma Jean still has your check and it hasn’t been sent to the ARP Center, she will simply mail your check back to you without it having been cashed.
  • Please allow us time to get these reimbursements processed and returned to you.  You should have them returned to you by June 15th at the latest.

The Virtual Conference will take place via Zoom and all sessions will be LIVE.  We will record each session and you will receive a link so that if you are unable to participate LIVE, you may watch it at a later time.



On behalf of Synod’s Worship Committee, the 2020 Bonclarken Music Conference Staff and Bonclarken, we thank you for your understanding, your support and most of all, your continued prayers during this process and the months to come.

We will be in touch with more information as well as a detailed ONLINE schedule for the conference in the coming weeks!  Please look for information in the form of an email, if you are on the list or fill out the google form, and from the ARP Magazine through the ARP Update.

In His Service,

Trip McGill
Lynn Grimsley
Norma Jean Huffstetler


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