Urbana 2009 Missions Conference
St. Louis, MO
Dec. 27-31

ARPs to Urbana 09 blog

Last night we had an awesome opening program here at Urbana. We were able to sit together as a group (17 ARPs). The exposition of the Word of God, the worship time in two languages, Spanish (the heavenly language 😉 ) and English was incredible. The presentation of videos that educated us about missions statistics was great. InterVarsity is doing an excellent job in using different tools and strategies to challenge us about missions.

The number of participants at this missions conference, Urbana 09, is 17,000 people. When we are worshiping together it is like having a little taste of heaven. The participants are from different countries. The speaker of the opening program is from Egypt and the speaker for tonight’s program was born in Colombia but was raised in Argentina, and whose parents are from Argentina and Ecuador.

Please continue praying, not only for our team of 17 + 1 (the other driver) ARPs, but for all the people that are attending this great missions conference. Also, please continue visiting this blog: www.WorldWitnessShortTerm.com as we will update frequently with new testimonies and pictures.
Tomorrow we will have lunch with our ARP group so we can tell them about World Witness and the incredible missions opportunities that they can have with our mission agency.

Juan Carlos Bonilla
World Witness
Short-Term Missions Coordinator