Prayer Request from Athole and Rosalynd Rennie

Dear Friends

Last night at about 8pm we became aware that Erskine was having difficulty with his breathing.  Doctors at the Royal were unable to diagnose the cause of the problem and at about 3am he was transferred to intensive care at the sick kids hospital in Edinburgh under the supervision of an ENT specialist.

Thankfully the problem was quickly diagnosed and Erskine has been responding to treatment over the past several hours.  The plan is to continue with the same course of treatment for the rest of the weekend and then the consultants will meet on Monday to decide where to go next.

We would very much value your prayers that:

  • Erskine would continue to respond to treatment and get well
  • That the doctors would make wise decisions about the right course of action
  • That Rosalynd would get some rest, she is very tired and hasn’t had a full night’s sleep since Tuesday
  • That we would all know God’s comforting presence at this time
  • That we would be a witness to the staff at the hospital so that God might be Glorified.

Yours in Christ

Athole and Rosalynd