A letter from Erskine Board Chairman

Dear friends,

At the annual meeting of the ARP Synod, the motion was made and approved by the assembly to remove the president of the Alumni Association as a voting member.  

The primary motivation for the motion was to bring that seat into line with every other seat. In previous practice—before the motion was approved—the synod, after discussion with the Erskine Board of Trustees, vetted and affirmed board members. The only seat that did not go through this synod process was that of the Alumni Association president. 

As a graduate of Erskine College, I believe it is of utmost importance to have alumni from both the college and seminary on our board. Currently, more than one third of our board members are alumni. This will continue. In our needs analysis, we will continue to make clear our desire for strong alumni representation. 

As the college and seminary of the ARP Church, Erskine seeks to offer evangelical, Christian higher education of the highest quality. The selection of Erskine trustees who hold to the clear standards of the ARP Church is an important responsibility.

I am thankful for the Alumni Association and the work they do. My wife and I are proud Erskine alumni.  

Please join me in praying for our college and seminary as we seek to be faithful to Christ in all that we do at Erskine.  


 Sam James, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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