General Synod 2018

Opening Worship

Moderator Lee Shelnutt opened the 2018 General Synod meeting reading from Hebrews 11. #Don’tdespisethedayofsmallthings. “We know the temptation, to fall into the trap of the worldly way of thinking. We know of being impressed by and trusting in what we’ve called right-handed power. We know what it is to feel embarrassed by the size of our denomination, or our lack of influence in our culture, or our limited resources, forgetting how our Sovereign and Glorious God relishes using ‘left-handed power’ – that when we are weak, He is strong. We know what it is to forget that He uses the small, weak, and seemingly insignificant in order to declare His own glory!” Rev. Rick Barnes assisted with communion along with Elders from the Canadian Presbytery, Tennessee/Alabama Presbytery and First Presbytery.

Synod Business

The Synod meeting began with Moderator Lee Shelnutt giving his final address and then handing duties to Phillip Malphrus who challenged the delegates through 1 Corinthians 16:13, “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.”

Vicki Marsh, president of Women’s Ministries, addressed the court. “Slightly more than half of our churches have organized Women’s Ministries but any church that has at least one woman contributing her talents to the work of the church does have a Women’s Ministry.”

Business picked up the following morning after Rev. Andrew Di Iulio lead worship from Nehemial 4. Reports were heard from the following committees: Revise the Book of Discipline, 2019 Concurrent Synods Logistics, Directory of Private/Family Worship and Domain Name Study.

Rev. John Paul Marr lead the afternoon worship time, “Stand Firm in the Faith” from Isaiah 7. “Those who don’t stand firm in the faith don’t stand at all,” Marr said.

Delegates were able to hear reports from several Fraternal delegates including PCA, OPC and RPCNA. Reports were heard from the list of Standing Committees and then each Board.

Synod moved to the Chapel where Rev. Clint Davis challenged the court that, “We are all tasked by God to participate in His plan. We are to DO the work of God, not just sit on a pew.”

Reading Clerk, Charlie Edgar, was acknowledge for his 32 years of service. Assistant Clerk, John Cook, was acknowledged for his 33 years of service.

The General Synod meeting adjourned at 10pm with Rev. Bill Macaulay making the motion.

For a full list of motions and business discussion subscribe to The ARP Magazine by clicking here.

Moderator Elect

Rev. Lee Selnutt nominated, ” a man of his word.” Leslie Holmes, Provost of Erskine Theology Seminary grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He has pastored a variety of congregations from Pennsylvania to California to Florida to Mississippi. He hasn’t been an ARP all his life, but Shelnutt says, “Once he became an ARP, he was all in!.” He has been married to his wife, Barbara, for 53 years. Rev. Jamie Hunt seconded the nomination by saying, “Holmes is not known for being a man of few words but he says what he believes and thinks. You can count on what he says.”

Leslie Holmes nominated Rob Roy McGregor, III as Vice Moderator Elect. McGregor is an elder at Back Creek ARP Church in Charlotte, NC.

World Focus

Join us today for World Focus 2018 beginning at 10am in the Youth Activity Building! If you have not registered, it is not too late to join us at 1pm. All agencies and missionaries will be represented. Come check out how you can be involved in mission work at home and abroad.

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