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Celebrating 300 Years

January 15, 1717 marks the beginning of the Marrow Controversy. William Craig went before Presbytery in 1717; He was examined and licensed. In February he came back and said he could not subscribe to what is now known as the “Auchterarder Creed.” The Presbytery refused to give him a copy of his license since his answers to the examination question didn’t satisfy the Presbytery. His case was appealed to the General  Assembly and sparked a debate that led to division and the beginning of the Associate Presbyterian Church. The debate became known as the “Marrow Controversy .”

To read more, you can purchase a copy of “A History of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church” by Ray King from the CEM bookstore.  Another good source is a recent book “The Whole Christ ” by Sinclair Ferguson published by Crossway.

Synod 2017

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