ARP News Update

Board Highlights From Our Agencies

 Christian Education Ministries (Sept. 9,10)

  •  The board chairman will form a task force to develop and implement a long-range plan for Camp Joy. A new handbook for Camp Joy was approved, listing job descriptions and organizational structures.
  • Revisions to the CEM policy manual were approved.
  • The board directed Brent Turner to pursue incorporation of CEM.
  • The board approved moving from lesson plans developed by the National Council of Churches Committee on the Uniform Series (NCCCUS) in The Adult Quarterly to a new six-year study through the Bible, developed by Dr. Mark Ross. The new course will focus on expounding the message of the books of the Bible. Its goal is to provide a more comprehensive presentation of biblical teaching than may be achieved by a thematic study. The board looks forward to this new endeavor and is planning further enhancements to the teacher’s guide, and offering more suggestions and helps for teachers.
  • The board approved a slight increase in Quarterly cost in 2014 to make up for increases in printing cost.
  • Jim Klukow and Rick Phillips were approved as speakers for the 2014 Family Bible Conference.
  • The board discussed the many training events and was pleased that 80 percent of churches in the Virginia Presbytery were represented at a recent Disciplemakers Conference for that presbytery.

World Witness (Oct. 1,2)

  • Presentations:
    The Board heard from Rick Postma (Word & Deed, a diaconal outreach which combines the mercy ministries of several smaller Reformed denominations); Rev. Moner Shaded (pastor of the Good Shepherd Reformed Church in Warsaw, Poland); and Lanier Ellis (retired ARP pastor working with International Students at UNC Charlotte).
  • Missionaries and Candidates:
    (a) Approved James and Rachel Grant as missionaries to Asturias, Spain;
    (b) Approved Michael and Laura Cochran as pre-candidates to serve an internship in the US before going to Spain.
    (c) Approved Caitlin Munro as a cooperative missionary with Ignite, Wales (an inner city outreach ministry).
    (d) Approved Walker and Heather Suits and pre-candidates to serve an internship in the US before going to the field (Germany and Turkey are currently being explored); and Lanier and Karen Ellis as Volunteers in Mission with international students in Charlotte.
    (e) Received an encouraging update from the Allers who are on furlough in the US until the summer of 2014. (Note: the length of the Allers furlough is determined by US Social Security laws requiring missionaries to spend one year out of every five years outside certain foreign countries or else they risk losing their US benefits).
  • Strategy:
    (a) Mexico: The Board approved continued discussions about the future involvement of WW in the Yucatan International University in Cenotillo.
    (b) Pakistan: The Board endorsed the Mission and Vision of the Pak7 ministry (the use of internet and TV to reach Pakistan) in principle. Further exploration and practical steps will follow.
    (c) Pakistan alternate field: $2500 will be given towards the purchase of a house in High Wycombe, London, for World Harvest’s ministry to Pakistani Muslims.
    (d) WW will explore partnerships with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church as it seeks to reach Pakistan (currently through a teaching ministry located in Lahore).
    (e) WW ministries in Europe will be divided into two regions bounded by the following cities: Western Europe (Berlin, Madrid/Oviedo, Cardiff); and Eastern Europe (Vilnius, Warsaw, Kiev). These regions share common histories and/or methods of ministry, as well as geographical proximity that will allow missionaries to support one another.
  • Finance:
    (a) A partnership being developed with the Word & Deed Inter-denominational Diaconal Ministry was approved.
    (b) The administrative fee will be increased from 4.5% to 6% in 2014 to reflect past decreases in the Denominational Ministry Fund support.
    (c) A 2014 budget of $4,102,764 was approved.
    (d) A request for funds to improve/repair the CRES seminary building in Tampico, Mexico, was denied.
    (e) A request for funds to ensure the completion of Stage 1 of the Chitchawatni School project in Pakistan was approved.
  • General:
    Frank Van Dalen plans to step down as executive director in order to return to field ministry on Dec. 31, 2014. Although this date is 15 months away, the process for the new exec director search needs to begin soon. The goal is to have a replacement exec director appointed by the March Board meeting and in place by June, 2014, so there can be six months of overlap in the WW office. A search committee was appointed. Frank Van Dalen and Billy Barron will work on a job description; and the position will be advertised beginning Dec 1, 2013. From that point on, Billy Barron will be the staff liaison to the search committee.