ARP News Update

You Are Invited

images-36All congregations are invited to attend the upcoming worship service at the Old Brick Church (Ebenezer) near Monticello in Fairfield County on the afternoon of October 27 at 3:00 p.m. As most of you probably know, this church was established in 1788 and may be the oldest intact house of worship in upper South Carolina. It was the site of the formation of the Associate Reformed Synod of the Carolinas in 1803 and is considered the mother church of our denomination. The service will include psalm singing and a brief historical overview by Dr. Mark Ross. Rev. James McManus of Bethel A.R.P. Church in Winnsboro will deliver the message. Please also know that the Old Brick Church is now being administered by Catawba Presbytery. An offering dedicated to the church’s upkeep will be made during the service. Light refreshments will also be available on the church grounds. Plan to come early and spend time in the church cemetery and visiting with old (and new) friends.

With all good wishes,

Bryan F. McKown
(803) 782-4236

For directions to the Old Brick Church, please see the following link:,+Jenkinsville,+Fairfield,+SC&ie=UTF-8&ei=lUurTLOuBYWBlAeQ54nrCA&oi=mode_link&ved=0CAkQ_A


Something new is coming!!!

The 2014 ARP Plan Book has a new name arp365 

and is available on, and in The ARP Magazine.

Let us help with the transition from printed to electronic calendar:

  • If you rely on the directory pages of the Plan Book, did you know that the same information is located in the Minutes of Synod?
  • If you rely on the hard copy of the calendar to write on, you’ll be able to print it yourself from the website free (or) we’ll be happy to supply a printed copy of calendar pages with the dates of ARPC events. The printed copy will be available from the ARP Bookstore ($2 each plus shipping and handling). Contact CEM at 864-233-2491 or
  • If you rely on the information pages for more details about events or birthday listings, you only have to subscribe to The ARP Magazine ( or send us your email address to receive the ARP News Update. Contact Susan Tanner (

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Scott (or) 864-232-8297 ext. 221