ARP News Update

Synod Update


Synod 2015 is off and running. The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA) started the week off by leading Pre-Synod in a joint a capella Psalm singing. Dr. Iain Duguid, professor and church planter, challenged attendees to reach out into the community to share the gospel. “God will do what He wishes through you and me. We are not saved by effectiveness or the size of our churches. We are saved because Christ died for us”. Pre-Synod ended with an ice cream social given by Erskine College.

Tuesday’s opening worship was led by Rev. Alex Coblentz from French Camp Presbyterian Church, MS. “The glory of the church is not to be found in the building, music, institutions, traditions, pastors or elders. It is found where the Lordship of Jesus Christ reigns. Is King Jesus standing in your congregation?” Rev. Lee Shelnutt, Vice-Moderator, and Rev. Coblentz served communion with assistance of elders from Mississippi Valley Presbytery and Pinecrest ARP Church.

Continue to pray for the Synod meetings as we move into more business sessions. Also, pray as the RPCNA and the ARP have joint presentation times with their counterparts Wednesday afternoon. For more information about Synod 2015, you can follow The ARP Magazine social media posts through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or for full coverage, you can read the July/August ARP Magazine.