ARP News Update

Urgent Prayer Request

From Moderator elect Jeff Kingswood:
Yesterday, my father was cleaning his eavestroughs and repairing some storm damage when he took off his safety harness to get on the ladder to go down. He slipped and fell on his back on to the asphalt driveway. My mother found him 15 minutes later and called an ambulance. He was taken to Cambridge Hospital.  After a CAT scan, he was sent on to Hamilton General Hospital’s trauma unit. He is there now and in stable but critical condition. We left him at 5:30 a.m. this morning when his vital signs were stable. There are a total of 11 broken ribs (both sides) a punctured and collapsed lung, his pelvis is broken in three places, and he has a lot of internal bleeding. But of special concern is the bleeding from his kidneys. They had cysts, which ruptured and are causing quite a lot of bleeding. Being on blood thinners complicates the issue. The doctor said he is in remarkably good shape for an 83-year-old, but that the situation is very grave.
Your prayers are appreciated.