ARP News Update

Seminary Professor Featured in TV Mini-Series
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Ted Wright, professor of biblical archaeology at Southern Evangelical Seminary, was the only Christian voice in a recently filmed and soon-to-debut mini-series about the history of the world.

The History Channel’s Mankind: The Story of Us Allwill debut on Tuesday, November 13 at 9 p.m. ET. Wright was interviewed at length for the mini-series, particularly about the influence and impact of Christianity on world history, as well as discussing Christianity’s formative years under the sword of the Roman Empire.

“It was an incredible honor and privilege to be the only ‘Christian voice’ in a secular documentary about the entire history of the world,” said Wright. “My prayer is that God would use something I said as a seed that would lead someone to Christ.”

Wright also recently spoke about archaeological support for the Old Testament at Southern Evangelical Seminary’s Real World Christianity Conference: the 19th Annual Conference on Christian Apologetics.


Billy Graham Looks Forward to 94th Birthday
Evangelist never thought he would live this long
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – As evangelist Billy Graham prepares to celebrate his 94th birthday on November 7, he has been reflecting on the previous year and preparing for what God has in store for him during his 95th year on the planet.

“I never expected I would live this long, outliving my beloved wife Ruth, as well as many friends and loved ones,” Mr. Graham said. “I believe God must still have a purpose for keeping me here, and I look forward to seeing what that might be.”

Mr. Graham continues to be called upon to provide perspective on world events and the spiritual state of our nation, especially heading into a presidential election. He has encouraged all Americans to join him in praying for our country and its leaders during this critical time. He regularly prays for the president, those who are currently in office, and those who are seeking to lead our nation into the future.

This includes presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney, who recently visited in the evangelist’s western North Carolina home while on a campaign stop in nearby Asheville. During their 30-minute meeting, which also involved Mr. Graham’s son, Franklin, the men discussed a wide range of topics, including broad issues of faith, the moral decline in our country and the importance of emphasizing biblical values amidst the cultural shift of America. At the close of the meeting, Mr. Graham offered a prayer for the governor, his family, and our nation – and committed his ongoing prayers and spiritual support for him and his family.

With the election falling one day before his birthday, Mr. Graham will be watching the results closely, as well as praying for those who are elected. He keeps up with world events and has a great concern for our nation as he’s observed a decline in respect for biblical values.