ARP News Update

Alan Avera Leaving Outreach North America

Outreach North America Director Alan Avera has accepted a job as senior executive for Christianity Explored USA’s ministry in North America. He will begin his new job on July 1.

Christianity Explored is a ministry that began 10 years ago at All Souls Church in London, England. The ministry produces tools to help churches in evangelism and discipleship, the primary one being the 7-week Christianity Explored evangelistic Bible study based on the Gospel of Mark. As the North America executive, Dr. Avera will help increase awareness of the resources available through Christianity Explored, and will help support churches that use Christianity Explored resources.

A Statement from ONA Board Chairman Wes Spring
We are pleased with the work Alan has done over the past 8 ½ years at ONA. We all have benefited from the direction he has set, and we wish him the best as he begins at Christianity Explored in July. We are glad he has agreed to give us four months of transition time as the Board prepares for the future. This is a wonderful opportunity that God has given ONA to explore options of how best to serve and support our presbyteries in their mission to plant new churches and continue to revitalize our mature congregations to be equipped to reach those individuals who do not know Jesus in their communities.

“As a grass roots organization, we must always be looking into the future and ask ourselves, ‘What will it take to be effective in reaching people for the Gospel 10 years from now.’ Two years ago, Moderator Andy Putnam challenged this denomination to reach beyond it’s current boundaries by 2020. God will raise up Christians who will mobilize and lead by biblical truth and principles.

“The challenge for the ARP is not whether we answer God’s call and grow, but how we accelerate that growth in this ever changing world of instant gratification. It is to that end that we as a board will be seeking how to continue to staff and organize to best serve the men and women of the presbyteries and local congregations as they carry out their mission of seeking and growing disciples for Christ who will continue to build the rich heritage of the ARP into the 21st century and beyond.

“Our agency directors are continuously striving to work in collaboration and support of each other through prayer, shared resources where applicable, and in their interactions with the elected boards who govern them. ONA will continue to maintain that relationship and partnership as we move forward. We have benefited greatly over the past several years from the energy created through these partnerships in Christ for the ARP and for the greater spreading of the Gospel around the world.”