ARP News Update


Board Meeting Results: ARP Synod Agencies

Highlights from the Feb. 19-20 World Witness Board meeting:

  • Approved the change of location of Jeff and Lisa King from Guadalajara, Mexico, to Quilpue, Chile, where they will serve alongside Cooperative Missionaries Terry and Jamie Young (Youth for Christ; Maupin Avenue ARP Church).
  • Reaffirmed Drew and Lauren Goodman as candidates and approved exploring a virtual theological teaching ministry connected with Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.
  • Received Brock and Deborah Wilkie as full fundraising candidates for Wales.
  • Approved a two year internship jointly sponsored by World Witness and First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC, for Dr. Dariusz Bryko.
  • Approved Rachel Powleson as a Cooperative Candidate (Wycliffe; Fayetteville, TN, ARP church) pending a personal interview.
  • Approved Rev. Jodie and Tina Gaston as Cooperative Missionaries to Wales with Greater Europe Mission.
  • Approved Rev. Jeon to be an associate missionary to the Dominican Republic, pending the approval of that field.
  • Approved the change of location of Rev. Juan Carlos and Ruth Bonilla from Guadalajara, Mexico, to Madrid, Spain.
  • Changed the status of Dr. Jeff Richards from Candidate to Volunteer in Mission, serving at the Yucatan International University and Discipleship Training Institute.
  • Approved a recommendation to Rev. Erik and Laurie Meberg that they prayerfully consider serving with Tat Stewart in the Persian Ministry.
  • Received a positive “no comment” financial audit report for the fourth year in a row.
  • Approved that a contingency/emergency fund be developed alongside the General Fund (which is used for cash flow).
  • Recommended budgetary planning for 2014 to be based on a pessimistic economic outlook.
  • Commended the Christian Hospital Sahiwal for a solid financial performance as well as a growing ministry to over 35,000 Muslim patients.
  • Expressed concern about continuing property-related court cases in Pakistan.
  • Approved the continuing sale of unused properties in Mexico with the proceeds being used to develop Camp Maranatha in Rio Verde.
  • Received presentations on Korean ministries in Central and Latin America. A committee will look at the criteria for developing priorities and methods for supporting these ministries.
  • Approved Dr. Ron Brunson in providing initial support for the Yucatan International University and Discipleship Training Institute.
  • Adopted a policy paper on ministry in Pakistan, which recommended an emphasis on encouraging evangelism and outreach by local church members.
  • Recognized and commended the faithful service of retiring Board members Jim Maynor and Gordon Bell.
  • Received the resignation of Board member Nairy Ohanian, who is returning to missionary status with Barnabas International.
  • Submitted by World Witness Executive Director Frank Van Dalen


Pastor Search for Adams Farm Community Church

The following information is intended to provide pastor candidates information about Adams Farm Community Church.

Motto: Serving others for Jesus’ sake.

Church Verse: “We preach not ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake” (2nd Corinthians 4:5).

Mission Statement: Why We Exist – To glorify God by being and making disciples of Jesus everywhere (Matthew 28:18-20).

Vision Statement: Our Future – Adams Farm Community Church is a body of believers where joyful love for Jesus is expressed by serving others (Matthew 22:37-40).

Core Values: Our guiding principles and values that we do not compromise:
1. The Word of God, because lives are changed through the culturally relevant communication of God’s inerrant Word (2nd Timothy 3:16-17).

2. Worship, because it is the primary privilege of believers, personally and corporately, to give God glory (Romans 15:6).

3. Prayer, because communication with God helps to gain his perspective and releases his power for effective change (Luke 18:11).

4. Community, because service, support, and encouragement produce loving maturity in God’s family (Romans 12:5).

5. Gift-based ministry, because it is God’s design to equip and empower every believer to serve for maximum effectiveness where his passion and gifts are best suited within the body of Christ (1Timothy 4:10).

6. Stewardship, because Scripture instructs us to properly use the time, talents, and treasures that the Lord has given each believer (1Peter 4:10).

7. Evangelism, because it is the joyful responsibility of every Christian to communicate the Gospel for the purpose of bringing people to maturity in Christ (1st Peter 3:15).

For a detailed job description or to submit resumes: or 5113 Mackay Road • Jamestown, NC 27282 • 336-292-4565 • fax 336-856-8878.