ARP News Update Special

Covenant Way Retirement Center Closing

By Delores McDonald
After nearly 30 years, Covenant Way (formerly Due West Retirement Center) is closing its doors. After providing superior, compassionate and loving care to hundreds of senior adults, the Board of Directors announces that Covenant Way will close no later than May 15, 2013.

This action comes after five years of constant and prayerful efforts to build up the Center’s population to a financially sustainable level. The Board has sought (through a professional broker) a qualified partner/investor to assume ownership and management of the center in order to meet the Board’s primary objective to continue the ministry of providing housing and residential care to its residents on an uninterrupted basis. These efforts have been unsuccessful.

“Our goals now are to close the operations down as smoothly, fairly, and compassionately as possible,” Board Chairman Jack Hill said. During this transition period, the management and staff will be available to assist residents in locating a new home and making arrangements to move. “The Board realizes that the current residents chose Covenant Way to be their home, and it is with sincere regret that, in spite of the Board’s efforts, the center will not be available after May 15,” Hill said.

Looking back on the retirement community’s years of service, the board agreed Covenant Way has always been blessed with a capable and caring staff. The Board appreciates the hard work and professionalism of the staff, as well as their loyalty and conscientiousness during stressful times in the past months.

The Board would also like to thank all who have faithfully supported Covenant Way over the years. “Throughout this process, the Board has earnestly sought God’s guidance and fervently prayed for God’s assistance,” Hill said. “As we announce the closing of Covenant Way, we pray just as fervently for God’s provision for the residents and staff during this time of change in their lives.”