ARP News Update – Synod Live

Standing Ovation for Erskine/ARP Synod Relations

The General Synod received the report of the Special Committee on the Synod-Erskine Relationship, as presented by committee chairman Kenneth B. Wingate.  The recommendation was approved to reaffirm Erskine College and Seminary as a “valuable agency of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church” and to “continue to maintain a close working relationship with ongoing financial, spiritual and educational support for the institution,” as well as requesting that the Erskine Board of Trustees adopt a similar statement.

Additionally, the Synod strongly encouraged the Board of Trustees in its search for a new president, to hire an individual subscribing to Synod’s definition of an Evangelical and the Standards of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, and having the necessary qualifications to pursue Erskine College and Seminary’s stated mission.

They also reaffirmed the Nominations Committee in selecting quality trustees for the Board. In cooperation with the Erskine Board of Trustees, the Synod approved the revision of the charter of Erskine College and Seminary in regards to the removal of board members and revised the Synod’s Board Member Removal Policy, so as to be uniform across all its boards, agencies and committees.

Synod referred the committee’s recommendation regarding Erskine Theological Seminary to the Board of Trustees.  The members of the special committee and the members of the Board of Trustees who worked on the charter changes received a standing ovation from the Synod, in appreciation for their diligent work on the Synod-Erskine relationship.  Finally, the Synod passed a motion commending the committees for their work and dissolving the special committee.