ARP News Update – Synod Live

First Moderator from MS Valley Presbytery in 60 years

Larry Littlejohn from French Camp was nominated by Rev. Charles Todd. It was seconded by Rev. Andy Putnam. He is the first Moderator from the Mississippi Valley Presbytery in 60 years. He has two sons and four grandchildren. Littlejohn has served as clerk of session, taught his adult Sunday School class for 25 years. He has served on minister and his works and as moderator of his Presbytery.

Littlejohn has been an assistant principal and taught math and drama. Todd says that teaching drama would help prepare him for what might happen on the Synod stage. “He is a long distance runner so if Synod meetings last long, he has the lungs for it,” Todd said.

Littlejohn was very thankful for the kind words from Charles Todd and Andy Putnam. “My desire is the Lord will be glorified in what we do,” Littlejohn said. When I was first asked about the possibility of my name to be placed if it is a way to be of service to Lord and the church but I am not looking for another job. “I don’t see it as a job but as an opportunity to serve and opportunity to know you who are serving his church.”

Littlejohn nominated Lee Shelnutt for vice-moderator. With no other nominations, it was approved that the motion passed.