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Neely Gaston Resigns
Dr. Neely Gaston resigned his position as executive vice president of Erskine Theological Seminary this morning. “Over the past few months, Neely and I have discussed his growing desire to return to pastoral ministry,” said Erskine President David Norman. “This desire, combined with the intensity of the events over the past 18 months at Erskine, has led Neely to this decision.

“A pastor’s heart has been at the core of Neely’s service to Erskine. He has done much to advance and defend her mission. I especially want to thank Neely for his sacrificial and determined service during very difficult times.”

In support of his renewed call to pastoral ministry, Dr. Norman says Erskine is arranging for the transition to serve as a “mini sabbatical” and will “provide whatever support we can” and will provide an office for Dr. Gaston on campus.

Dr. Norman will meet with the Executive Committee and the Seminary Committee of the Board of Trustees this afternoon, to discuss both the interim and long-term plans for the Seminary’s leadership.

“I hope you will join me in thanking Neely for his service to Erskine,” Dr. Norman said. “And support him in prayer and in deed as he follows God’s leadership in his life.”