Seminary Transition

Erskine Family:

Following up yesterday’s announcement regarding Erskine Theological Seminary, I wanted to share with you our plan for moving forward during the transition period.

I have asked Dr. Stephen D. Lowe, Sr. to serve as Acting Vice President for the Seminary. In addition to serving as Professor of Christian Education, Steve has also served as Dean of the Erskine Virtual Campus. He has done an excellent job helping us provide access to Erskine Seminary courses to students around the world.

At the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting in February, I will ask the board to name Steve as Interim Vice President while we continue to pursue a candidate to fill the position long-term. In the meantime, I am forming a committee to assist in the identification of several highly qualified candidates, one of whom will be presented to the Board or Trustees. I anticipate being able to permanently fill this position within eighteen months.

I appreciate Steve’s willingness to step into this role temporarily, and I am confident he will be a tremendous help to us during this transitional time.  I trust you will keep us all in your prayers.

All for Christ!

David A. Norman
Erskine College & Theological Seminary