Highlights from the Erskine Board Meeting



  • Met under the theme of “Stewardship” chosen by Chairman David Conner.
  • Began each meeting with a devotional on the theme. Dr. Mark Ross led off Thursday’s meeting and Bobby MacDonald spoke on Friday.
  • Heard a report from Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Acting President Brad Christie on his “flourishing forward agenda”:
    • Remaining focused on Erskine’s core mission to glorify God and equip students to flourish.
    • Following through on the five-year strategic plan initiated in 2012.
    • Continuing the progress of addressing areas of concern with accreditors.
    • Celebrating 175 years of Erskine in over the next year.
    • Completing and implementing a revised core curriculum.
    • Encouraging the discernment of vocation among students and faculty.
  • Adopted a motion to revise the bylaws to address uniformity of language regarding persons presiding over faculty meetings in both college and seminary.
  • Adopted a motion to notify all trustees of executive committee meetings and provide an option to attend or listen in on conference calls.
  • Voted to retain Brad Christie as acting president; disband the interim search committee; and encourage the permanent search committee to move forward.
  • Responded to an affirmation from General Synod with a similar statement:
    • “In grateful acknowledgement of the 175-year relationship between the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and Erskine College and Seminary, the Erskine College Board of Trustees hereby reaffirms Erskine as a valuable agency of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, and covenants to maintain a close working relationship with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in order to continue preparing Christian leaders for service to the church and community.”
  • Charged the presidential search committee with it duties:
    • “In its search for a new president for Erskine College, the Board of Trustees charges the search committee to search for, identify and recommend an individual whose qualifications include a personal profession of faith fully and enthusiastically in line with the Synod’s Definition of an Evangelical, the ability to communicate a Biblical World and Life View and the application of it in undergraduate liberal arts and graduate theological education, and affirmation and articulation of the doctrine of inerrancy as embraced by the Board of Trustees and as stated by the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, agreement with the philosophy of Christian Higher Education with a clear vision of implementing it into the life of Erskine College and Theological Seminary, subscription to the Standards of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, and the educational qualifications, leadership experience, personal skills, and significant fundraising background that demonstrate the competencies necessary to accomplish the stated mission of the institution.”
  • Affirmed the presidential search committee:
    • “The board affirms the appointment of the Presidential Search Committee and the process by which the committee members were appointed under the bylaws and that it expresses its full confidence that the Presidential Search Committee will act in accordance with the directives of the Board of Trustees and of Synod.”
  • The Presidential Search Committee reported on its meetings so far:
    • Confidentiality contract, prayer, requests for prayer
    • Discussed non-negotiables
    • Vetted 8 search firms; narrowed to one
  • Chairman David Conner announced the formation of several ad hoc committees to review board policy revisions; to study several proposed bylaw updates; and to respond to requests from Synod regarding the seminary.
  • The board held a season of prayer for the presidential search committee and the potential candidates.
  • Recognized Dr. John Showalter as professor emeritus of psychology.
  • Recognized Mrs. Charlene Haynes as registrar emerita.

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