July Birthdays

Happy birthday to the following from our prayer calendars in The ARP Magazine. Those listed below are Retired Ministers, Retired Missionaries, Minister’s Widows, or Retired Synod Employees.

8 – Guy H. Smith, Retired Minister

11 – Jan Sattem, Retired Minister

13 – Mrs. Jim (Nancy) Corbitt

14 – Mrs. A.C. (Jeanie) Bridges

15 – Barry Dagenhart, Retired Minister

19 – William Elder, Jr., Retired Minister

20 – Robert B. Johnson, Retired Minister

26 – Mrs. John E. (Nina) Hill; Robert Hovey & Bryan Jurkowski, Retired Ministers

30 – Patty Stewart, Retired Missionary

31 – Ed Hogan, Retired Synod Employee; Gary Pierstorff, Retired Minister

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