Letter from the Moderator

March 31, 2020

Dear Special People,

“How shall we sing the LORD’S song in a strange land?” (Psalm 137:4). It’s a great question, isn’t it? Those exiled Israelites did not hide their harps under the bushes, or the hollows of the rocks; rather they hung them up in plain view, that the sight of them might affect them with their deplorable change of circumstances. Yet, (dare I even say this?) perhaps they were at fault even in doing this; for praising God is never out of season.

Yes, praising God is never out of season!  And, that’s what I want us to get in this strange place we are living through! And by His grace, living “through” it we are for we shall soon, we trust, be able to worship together again in those houses of worship we each love.

In the meantime, your local church expenses go on, as do those of Christ’s work around the world. Indeed, during this strange time some expenses, both local and missional, are greater than they would be in a normal time. So, as your Moderator, I write now to make an appeal because you have proven before that you are among the most generous of God’s people. Would you prayerfully consider sending your church your tithe right away? Maybe you can even make a special extra gift to support our mission work around the world. I am reminded of Oswald Smith’s great charge, “The mission of the church is missions and when the church takes care of missions God will take care of the church!” And He will!

You can put your gift in the mail directly to your church or to your church treasurer. Contact the ARP Center if your church needs help setting up a temporary online giving option. Either way, God will be honored and His work will be advanced and you will be appreciated. Remember, praising God with our money will never be out of season!

Yours for Building Healthy Churches and Birthing Healthy Christians,

Leslie Holmes


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