No Cost, Online Giving Set-up for ARP Churches

Weekly giving in many of our churches’ is suffering because members are not able to gather, or have lower attendance under the Covid-19 restrictions.  To help mitigate delayed, or reduced giving for those churches that do not have online giving capacity, we will create a custom online giving account with no set-up charge to benefit your church and serve your members through May 31st.

1) The General Synod will facilitate cash donations, then mail a check to your church weekly.  — No administrative fees.

2) We will provide a list of donors (unless anonymous) and the gift amounts so your church can issue receipts through your regular accounting system.

3) The ARP Foundation will process gifts of marketable stocks or securities; our broker will sell them and send 100% of the proceeds to your church at no charge. The Foundation will issue a gift acknowledgement to the donor and inform your church treasurer of the gift amount and donor (unless anonymous) for a soft credit to you books.

Here’s How to participate:

1.Complete the online request form and submit it to us.

2.We will respond with a link to a custom webpage for your church that you can post on your website with a message to encourage them to do the following:

  • Click on the link “Give online” to make a cash gift, or make a gift of marketable stocks.
  • The Church header will include: To transfer securities to make a gift of stocks, contact Steve Nichols directly at the ARP Foundation for instructions.
  • Select: one time, or recurring gift option.
  • Select: Use a credit/debit card (subject to about a 3% charged by the card merchant), or
  • Use your Bank account (like paying any online bill, usually with no charge as a bank service).

Click here to request a form.

Steve Nichols- Director of Gift Planning
ARP Foundation

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