Mission Monday

Church Planting in the Northeast Presbytery Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

The Northeast Presbytery (NEP) of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church is composed of 31 congregations and 50 ministers. Half the congregation are English and half are Korean.

One of the best ways to carry out the Great Commission is to plant churches. Our presbytery has approved a generous budget for planting a new congregation. Prime target areas are growing suburbs of major northeast cities where there are existing NEP congregations within an hour’s drive. Demographic studies, publicity efforts, and efforts to find a skilled church planter are being undertaken.

While the Outreach Northeast Committee (ONE) is spearheading this effort, please remember that all NEP congregations and pastors should be working toward the planting of new churches.

What can you do?

Pray. Pray that God will bless the efforts of Outreach Northeast to plant churches within its boundaries which stretch from Maryland to Michigan to Maine (hence the moniker, “the 3M Presbytery”). Pray that God will use you to help us reach that goal.

Look. Be on the lookout. Share with the Outreach Northeast Committee information about potential church planting locations or church planters.

Network. Let ONE know of existing churches or potential church plant core groups that may be interested in joining Northeast Presbytery. We welcome like-minded congregations that would like to affiliate with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

The ultimate measure of the fruitfulness of an apple tree is not merely that it produces apples but that it produces other apple trees. May our congregations, like apple trees, not only grow in number but produce other congregations.

Visit www.northeastarp.org to learn more about Northeast Presbytery.

Click here for a copy of the Northeast Presbytery Church Planting flyer.

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