Pray for Pakistan

Pakistan has been undergoing turmoil in recent months with its economy in tatters and inflation soaring over 30%. Yesterday the country’s former prime minister, Imran Khan, was arrested on charges of corruption. Khan is one of the few political opponents who is able to challenge the sitting prime minister in the coming elections. Khan’s popularity and arrest have sparked waves of protest across the country. Below is a short report from one of our ARP Pakistan Pastors.

From Pakistani ARP Pastor Zeeshan:

Greetings of the day. Just two hours ago Supreme Court of Pakistan declared Imran Khan’s arrest as an illegal move by the government. This will definitely calm the nerves of our nation. But in recent two days, after Khan’s arrest, strikes and protests were going on all over the country. Need prayers for peace and stability in Pakistan. Schools and colleges were closed, exams were cancelled. Our daughter was taking 9th grade exams but her last two exams were cancelled. Tomorrow’s day is an important one to determine the future of the ongoing situation because the Islamabad High Court going to have its hearing regarding Imran Khan’s case. They can grant him bail and calm the situation or let the country burn to ashes. Prayers for tomorrow’s hearing. 
Pastor Zeeshan 

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