Update on Rev. Scott Mitchell

Below is an update from Rev. Scott Mitchell, church planter in Claremore, OK.

“I am feeling better since surgery.  It is nice to not have my femur moving in 2 different locations.  Recovery is going to be slow though.  My leg is no weight bearing for at least a couple of weeks.  Doctors are waiting for the bone to grow into the screws and prosthetics.  Specific prayer request is that I do not break my femur again within the next 8 weeks because that is a super high risk!  Please, pray that it heals fully and on time.”

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Please be in prayer for Scott Mitchell, a church planter in Claremore, Oklahoma. Scott was taken by ambulance to the hospital on Saturday night.  He shattered his femur around where he had a hip replacement two years ago. His surgery was postponed until today.  The last report was that he was waiting to have surgery later this afternoon (Monday).  It is unclear right now what recovery will look like but please be in prayer for his surgery and recovery. 

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