Psalm of the Month

The Holiness of God

By: A.C. Bridges (Originally printed in the April 1984 ARP Magazine.)

Perhaps we would do well to have as the Bible Song of the month a metrical version of part of the 99th Psalm, found as No. 205 in Bible Songs and entitled “The Holiness of God.”

One cannot help but wonder if the author of the hymn “Holy, Holy Holy!” did not have something of this Psalm in mind when he wrote his hymn. And also, one cannot help but wonder if the person who put this Psalm portion to meter did not have Dykes’ tune in front of him also.

The Bible Song certainly has to do with the High and Lifted-Up God before whom the nations tremble and the angels fall down and worship. Our generation has not emphasized the holiness of God as we should, but we may have dwelled at too great a length on the love of God. This Psalm would call us to remember His holiness, His forgiveness of sins, but also His chastening rod. This portion of Psalm 99 is certainly well wedded to Dr. Dykes’ tune Nicaea.

May this season of the year which emphasizes the saving acts of Christ be one of singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs!

This Psalm may be found in The ARP Psalter #187 and in Bible Songs #205.



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