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Pray for Rev. Steve Richardson, pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church in Tilsonburg, Ontario, Canada as he faces a preliminary court date on April 1 for breaking an emergency powers order concerning the Covid-19 Public Health Act. He is currently charged with two counts for “failure to comply” and if found guilty of these charges by the court, Richardson could face a maximum fine of $200,000 and 2 years of imprisonment. Let us join with the Canadian Presbytery to pray for Rev. Richardson and the Faith Presbyterian Church that God would be glorified in these matters.

Prayer Request Update as of April 2

According to an update from Canadian Presbytery, Rev. Steve Richardson reported, “Court went well today. The matter has been adjourned. The lawyer will appear again in court on Thursday, May 20, at 10am, to confirm that the Charter challenge has been filed. This means that the Justice of the Peace is willing to delay given the pending Charter challenge. In May, the lawyer will likely delay again. The charges don’t disappear but they are adjourned pending the outcome in Superior Court (where the Charter challenge is filed). On the other hand, I am told that if the challenge does not go forward the charges will be taken up by the Justice of the Peace and I will then have to appear in court to answer to them.”

Thank you for praying. Please continue to pray that the Charter challenge will be successful.

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