Serving for God’s Sake

By: G.J. Gerard, Chairman of Committee on Nominations

“They (i.e., those chosen to serve) are to fulfill the obligations of the Israelites by doing the work of the tabernacle (i.e., attending to housekeeping duties)” (Numbers 3:9).

The Our Daily Bread devotional relates that when Queen Elizabeth of England died in September 2022, there were thousands of soldiers deployed to march in the funeral procession.  The individual role of each soldier would most likely have been almost unnoticeable to the large crowd watching the procession, but many participating soldiers saw it as the greatest honor.  One soldier commented, “It was an opportunity to do our last duty for her Majesty!” For this soldier, it was not what he did, but whom he was doing it for that made it so important.

The Levites that were to attend to the housekeeping needs of the tabernacle, to take care of the tabernacle furnishings, were tasked in a similar fashion to the marching soldiers.   Unlike the priests who were seen by everyone as they led the worship services in the tabernacle, the Levites were assigned seemingly mundane tasks such as cleaning the furniture, the lampstands, curtains, and even the posts, tent pegs and ropes.  Yet, their jobs were specifically assigned by GOD, and constituted “doing the work of the tabernacle,” and they are recorded in Scripture for posterity.

Both of these examples should be a great encouragement for us as we fulfill specific roles that GOD has determined. We may consider what we do at our job(s), or our repetitive labors in our homes, or our volunteer help in the church, to be insignificant to a world that seemingly values titles and salaries as most important.  However, GOD sees our daily efforts differently.  If we work and serve for HIS sake – seeking excellence and doing so for HIS honor to bring glory to HIM, even the smallest task in our daily routines will be important because we are serving our great GOD.

May the work of the Nominations Committee be seen as equally important as it was for the Levites because we too are serving and seeking those to also serve our great GOD.

Are you willing to recommend a person(s)to “serve for God’s sake” in the following areas?  If so, please contact them and have them submit the form to the Committee on Nominations c/o as soon as possible.



This devotional is based on the “Our Daily Bread” devotional for November 27, 2023, entitled, “SERVING FOR GOD’S SAKE.”


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